Top photographers back Bite-Back calendar


Top photographers back Bite-Back calendar

Well-known underwater photographers including Alex Mustard, David Doubilet, Doug Perrine and Amos Nachoum have each donated an image and commentary to the 2019 calendar from UK charity Bite-Back Shark & Marine Conservation.

“Underwater images worth a combined total of £36,000 are being sold for just £12 in the limited-edition, high-quality publication,” is how Bite-Back puts it. Pictured are lemon, silky, nurse, sand tiger, great hammerhead and porbeagle sharks, as well as a sperm whale, green turtle, manta, octopus and polar bears.

16 December 2018

“These photographs are a glorious illustration of the hidden beauty beneath the waves,” says Bite-Back Campaign Director Graham Buckingham. “However, with so much pressure on the oceans from over-fishing, pollution and climate-change, these images could also be viewed as a catalogue of marine life under threat.”

With one in four shark species listed as threatened, the charity is working to end the sale of shark products in the UK. Among its supporters are TV presenter Steve Backshall and chefs Gordon Ramsay and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

However, Bite-Back says its campaigns aren’t just about saving marine life but make a direct link between healthy, abundant oceans and life on Earth.

That view is echoed by Alex Mustard: “Even those of us who live miles from the ocean rely on it to live,” he says. “At least 90% of rainwater, 50% of our oxygen and 20% of the world’s protein comes from the oceans. If the oceans aren’t functioning properly, how can we?”

All profits from the sale of the calendar will directly fund the charity’s campaigns, says Bite-Back.

It can be bought at its online shop.

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