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The San Tiburcio Wreck Tour
World Dives

Wreck Tour 94: The San Tiburcio

This armed tanker sunk in WW2 in the Moray Firth makes for a great club outing, says JOHN LIDDIARD. Illustration by MAX ELLIS A BIG

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The Baygitano Wreck Tour
World Dives

Wreck Tour 93: The Baygitano

This armed collier torpedoed in 16-22m off Lyme Regis during World War One makes for a great afternoon dive, says JOHN LIDDIARD. Illustration by MAX

Wreck Tour 92 The Zaanstroom
World Dives

Wreck Tour 92: The Zaanstroom

A ride out from Littlehampton, it’s the engineering that makes this china-clay-carrying steamer so distinctive, says JOHN LIDDIARD. Illustration by MAX ELLIS LOOK AT STEAM

The Fairweather V Wreck Tour
World Dives

Wreck Tour 91: The Fairweather V

This sunken trawler off Scotland’s Summer Isles makes for a very easy and attractive diving experience – if you’re up for the journey. JOHN LIDDIARD

Biosphere Reserve Ranger Farih Rasheed photographs cyclone-feeding mantas (Hannah Moloney)
World Dives

Perfect storm: Cycloning manta rays

How have mantas developed so many clever ways of feeding their faces, in particular the strategies that rely on close co-operation, and how do they

The King Cadwallon Wreck Tour
World Dives

Wreck Tour 90: The King Cadwallon

This is a centenary Wreck Tour, because we publish it 100 years to the day since the steamer King Cadwallon sank off the Scilly Isles.

The Vigsnes Wreck Tour
World Dives

Wreck Tour 89: The Vigsnes

It’s not easy to pronounce, but it’s an intact WW2 U-boat victim lying off north-west Wales with lots for divers to see, says JOHN LIDDIARD.

Diving in the depths of Hurghada, Egyptian Red Sea
World Dives

Technical diving out of Hurghada

STEVE BARNARD is an experienced technical diver with hundreds of sub-100m dives under his belt, and he waxes lyrical about the subsea attractions accessible from

The Saxon Briton wreck tour
World Dives

Wreck Tour 86: The Saxon Briton

A petrol-carrier sunk off Cornwall in 1917 by the ’Killer Captain’ – the most ruthless of U-boat commanders – makes for a diverting dive, says

That first drysuit dive
Scuba Diving

Cold water calling: that first drysuit dive

18-year-old Canadian SAMARA IRONSIDE had dived in exotic locations but had never been tempted by cold water. With some of the world’s best temperate-water diving

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