Got a survival tale to sell?


Got a survival tale to sell?

Calling UK scuba divers: have you been rescued from a dangerous situation by the emergency services? A casting agency is looking for people who have survival stories to tell to take part in what they describe as a major advertising campaign. 

“You would be part of a truly inspirational project that celebrates the emergency services, Search & Rescue and Coastguard services,” says Lesley Beastall Casting.

If your story is accepted, it could be used in a variety of media from billboards and newspapers to the Internet or TV.

The agency realises that many people who have undergone life-threatening experiences are not necessarily in a hurry to relive them, but it is prepared to pay for the right stories.

29 February 2020

Fees range from £2000 if a story is selected for use in print media to £3000 for moving media, along with shooting fees of £300 a day and all travel and accommodation expenses covered.

It you think you have a suitable tale to tell and are willing to share it, email an outline and your contact details to the agency here.

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