Those big animals await

Amos Nachoum and Amanda Cotton of the Big Animals expeditionary force have been making plans to get diving again towards the end of 2020, and if you’ve saved enough by spending months at a time without going out much you could consider booking.

“We’re not going to go if it’s not safe, and if the trip needs to be cancelled, you’ll of course get your deposit back in full,” says Nachoum. You can also request a full deposit refund up until a month before departure date for any reason.

So what are the choices, given access? Striped marlin in Baja, Mexico and blue whales in Timor Leste, Indonesia provide the first opportunity to get away, in October and November.

Between December and March 2021 joining sperm whales in Dominica is the temptation, and also in March dolphin superpods are disporting themselves in Costa Rica. The action moves to the Azores in April, where blue and pilot whales and tuna are on the agenda. Check the website for prices.

26 June 2020