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Underwater photographer eyeing some false clownfish in large green colored sea anemone at Dunia Baru, one of Wakatobi’s popular dive sites.
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Dunia Baru – Wakatobi Dive Site #35

Dunia Baru is rarely listed on a “Top Ten” roster of Wakatobi dive sites, largely because many believe the better sites are farther from the

On the inside looking out into the blue on one Wakatobi's great wall diving sites in Indonesia. Photo by Walt Stearns
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Wakatobi’s Wall to Wall Paradise 

If you’re into wall diving, you’ll be in wall-to-wall paradise at Wakatobi. No matter how many times you’ve experienced it, that initial moment when you

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Wakatobi’s Super Spacious Dive Boats

Take a Ride on Wakatobi dive resort’s iconic dive boats Most dive and snorkeling trips begin with a boat ride. It’s true at destinations around

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