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Babbacombe Seal

Divers live for those moments that denote an unforced marine-life encounter and they can happen anywhere, anytime, as KAREN WILLIAMS

Diving with Prince John

North Sulawesi gets plenty of attention west/central Sulawesi less so, but with direct flights to Jakarta and a shorter hop

Diving in Darkness
Diving in Darkness by Martyn Farr

Diving in Darkness is a manual of the equipment, procedures and techniques involved in diving environments where there is no clear surface: in caves, inside

A seal hitches a ride from a passing snorkeller – in this case Steve Dover’s son Fiohann
Hangers-on in Lundy

Lundy Island provides an annual place of pilgrimage for STEVE DOVER, friends and children – and more often than not the seals are up for

Sarah Morgan, preparing to become the first female Self-Reliant Diver
PADI goes solo

How our man NIGEL WADE became the UK’s first to qualify as a PADI Self-Reliant Diver – is the agency’s new course truly a ‘milestone

Divers enjoy unseasonably benign conditions in Loch Fyne
Fyne Chance!

Diving early in the season can be a lottery. Much is down to luck, but it pays to pick your dive site wisely. Mark Davies

Loch Carron, in Scotlands north-west highlands
Dolphin Escort

Leaping cetaceans accompany the boat as JANE WILKINSON heads out to enjoy another days colourful reef diving in seductive Loch Carron, in Scotlands north-west highlands

Bishop Rock, off the Scilly Isles, is Britain's most south-westerly Atlantic outpost, with a long history of wrecked shipping and ravaged lighthouses. When conditions are good, the rocks below the current lighthouse (opposite) make one of the best pinnacle dives in the country, says Clem Maginnis.
Around the Rugged Rock

In the 13th Century, people convicted of a serious crime were taken out to Bishop Rock and left there with bread and water to be

Some of the bigger rooms can be tens of metres across , sometimes the light from your lamp doesn't reach the bottom
Beneath Budapest

One of the worlds most impressive cave-systems lies beneath a European capital city, and its potential for exploration grows bigger by the week. There were

Louise Trewavas went expecting little but found some cracking dives, conducted in style and comfort from a surprisingly gorgeous island backdrop.
Piece of Cake

The name might make you think of teatime, or of the kind of fortified wine favoured by your gran, but it’s unlikely to summon images

Rick Stanton on his way through Sump
Diving Everest in Pozo Azul

A British-led team made history in September with the world’s longest-ever cave-diving penetration. Support diver Martyn Farr pays tribute, and explains how this extraordinary feat

Anthias swarm around the coral
Blue hole bonanza

Some regard Dahab as a deep-divin’ tekkie town, but for TV presenter Miranda Krestovnikoff, it’s the perfect retreat for shore-divers with a young family in

Electric motor from the refrigeration pump on the German wartime wreck Antilla
Aruba – Isle of wrecks

Aruba is the forgotten ABC island so far as British divers are concerned, with Bonaire and Curaçao enjoying a higher profile – but with all

Dorothea Shallow Tunnel
Dorothea: The Incident Pit

There were public calls to close Welsh inland site Dorothea Quarry at the end of last year, after three divers lost their lives there in

Kayaks convene at Breakwater Fort.
Breakwater Fort by Kayak

Kayaks are ideal for exploring those places between shore and boat-diving distance that divers neglect – extended-range shore diving, if you will. John Liddiard paddles

The exploration of Wookey Hole
60 years in a cave

The history of cave diving in Britain can almost be told in terms of the exploration of Wookey Hole, a famous cave system under the


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