DDRC needs divers’ help on lungs

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Plymouth-based DDRC Healthcare is marking 15 years since the launch of its revealing Health of Divers study series by undertaking new research into divers’ lung health – and it is requesting 10 minutes of your time.

“Having healthy lungs is an essential and important part of good diving and never more so since the outbreak of Covid-19,” says diving-medicine charity DDRC, which is asking scuba divers to focus in its questionnaire on certain aspects of breathing such as vaping, IPO (Immersion Pulmonary Oedema) and asthma – as well as the effects of Covid.

Most people have had Covid by now, but DDRC would like to know about your own experiences: how many times you have been infected, how seriously, whether you have been vaccinated and how, if at all, your diving has been affected.

Vaping has been in the news in connection with widespread teenage use, and divers who were once smokers might have taken to vaping to help kick the habit. And how much do you know about IPO?

Along with general health and diving demographics there are up to 70 questions in the survey, but no-one will need to answer them all and DDRC reckons it should take divers no more than about 10 minutes to complete. Keep your diving logbook handy – and be reassured, says DDRC, that all the information you provide remains anonymous.

Participants are asked to spread the word and encourage buddies and fellow dive-club or school-members to complete the questionnaire too. 

Past Health of Divers surveys have covered iIllicit drugs, prescribed and over-the-counter drugs, alcohol, dental health; cardiac health, mental health, ears and flying. The findings have been used to create leaflets, posters and Powerpoint presentations for use by diver groups.

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