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Scuba Fundamental – Start Diving the Right Way by Simon Pridmore

archive – ReviewsScuba Fundamental – Start Diving the Right Way by Simon Pridmore

The basics out loud

RECENTLY THREE OF THE TOP FIVE scuba-diving books listed on Amazon were all written by Simon Pridmore, and as the Bali-based instructor has written only three books, he couldn’t be doing a lot better. He seems to have hit the spot with his publications, each of which targets a specific audience – instructors, existing sport-divers and wannabes/beginners – but appeals to other types of diver too.
But we’re all busy people with a lot to do and too little time to do it, so now Scuba Fundamental has been released in unabridged audio form in the author’s own voice, and he reads it clearly and well. If you’re doing a five-hour car trip, that should just about cover the whole thing.
It’s as easy a listen as it was an easy read. It shouldn’t scare newbies off too early by going into details about how to dive before they’ve even tried on a mask, but it does explain why they might enjoy the experience, and how to avoid the pitfalls.
There is no tie-in to any particular training agency, and choosing the right instructor is a big factor – the 15 ways to tell good from bad sticks in my mind. The author is scrupulously honest – he promises nothing that can’t be delivered, and doesn’t gloss over the more concerning aspects.
Get this audio download for anyone teetering on the edge of diving.
Steve Weinman

Audiobook, 5hr 10min, £18.29

Appeared in DIVER April 2017


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