Tecline Frameless Scuba Diving Mask Review

Tecline Frameless Scuba Diving Mask Review

Tecline is a brand which has been around for many years, but it never really gained a foothold in the UK, for many reasons. However, now it has a dynamic new distributor in this country, and they are going to great lengths to ensure that this Polish brand, which pretty much offers every conceivable element of diving equipment, gets the exposure it deserves.

We got a box full of equipment to get wet with, and first up was the Frameless Super View scuba diving mask. Now Tecline offers several designs of scuba diving masks, but the Tecline Frameless Super View is the newest to the line-up, and it is hitting the market as single-lens frameless masks are all en vogue.

Frameless Scuba Diving Mask

The Frameless Super View is very low-profile, which means it is easy and quick to clear in the event of a flood or after mask removal, and this – combined with the distinctive shape of the single lens – gives excellent peripheral and downward vision.

Tecline Frameless Scuba Diving Mask Review
Tecline Frameless Scuba Diving Mask Review 4

It is also blessed with a super-soft silicone skirt, which is very comfortable on your face, and seemingly fits a wide selection of face shapes and sizes. Dive buddy Richard Binks, who took it for a spin on a couple of dives, also commented that it had a generous nose pocket too.

The strap is a straightforward tried-and-tested design, and it does the job it is intended for. Tecline has paired this up with simple but effective stainless-steel buckles, rather than some button-operated system. Some might see this as a downside, but they are easy to adjust, there is nothing to really go wrong with them, and they will be tough and durable thanks to their construction.

Tecline is not afraid to add a bit of colour into their equipment, and the Frameless Super View is no different, being available in this vibrant orange as tested, along with white, black and pink. There is even an all-black ‘military’ version available.

The Frameless Super View can also be purchased in black with a yellow-tinted lens for £59.25 if you want to add a bit more colour back into your dive. The Tecline Frameless Super View mask comes with a sturdy plastic storage box.

Tecline Frameless Scuba Diving Mask Summary

Should you buy, shortlist or avoid purchasing this scuba diving mask? We’re saying buy.

There are many frameless masks on the market these days, but the Tecline Frameless Super View is extremely well-priced, coming in at under £55. Yes, it has very simplistic buckles, but I put far more importance on the fit and comfort than whether a buckle has one or two buttons, etc. In that respect, the Frameless Super View scuba diving mask scores highly, being exceptionally comfortable thanks to its super-soft skirt – which as can be seen from my photographs of dive buddy Richard, will even seal over a beard – and offering a decent all-round view thanks to the low-profile design and broad lens shape. And that orange colourway really does ‘pop’ in photographs!

Tecline Diving



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