Children die after scuba tank incident

Jensen Ebyabe


Two young children have died in Florida after being left alone in a private swimming pool to play with a scuba tank – which investigators have since stated appeared to have contained helium.

The children were Zale Dudas, 9, and her younger brother, seven-year-old Saxon Nairne. On the afternoon of 23 April they had accompanied their father to visit the home of a friend who lived in the Atlantic coastal town of Jensen Beach.

Both men were said to have been experienced scuba divers. While the owner of the house took the children’s father into his garage to show him the underwater scooter he had come to see, the siblings were given permission to play with a dive tank left in the pool.

When one of the adults returned he saw both children unresponsive at the bottom of the pool near the tank. With the help of other adults present the children were brought out and CPR was administered. They were taken to hospital in what was described as critical condition, but both of them died three and a half days later, on the morning of 27 April.

According to an emergency services report, the children could have been under water for at least 10 minutes. And an officer from Martin County sheriff’s office stated that the tank was believed to have contained not the air the children might have expected but helium

The father had told officers that the children were “experienced swimmers and proficient divers”, although the official minimum age for scuba certification is 10. They were said to have visited the house often before.

Post mortems were being carried out, and the sheriff's and state attorney's offices have launched an investigation into the incident.


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4 months ago

The mother is on TikTok with a different story. She filed for divorce because she had enough of the abuse including marital rape and a few short months, I think about 4 months, later she decided to let the kids spend time with dad, he went to friends house, he gave them an unmarked tank. Experienced divers know not to use an unmarked tank but he gave it to his children who were experienced swimmers but not divers. They died at the same time. Search @justiceforzaleandsaxon on TikTok and watch her videos.

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