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If you can spare 5-10 minutes to complete a straightforward survey, you could be in line to win a top-drawer dive-computer – a Shearwater Teric, no less.

The questionnaire is called “Dive Into Insights: 2023 Scuba Diver Reader & Engagement Survey” but it isn’t intended only for Scuba Diver magazine readers. Put together by RORK Media, which also owns Divernet, it’s seeking your views on that too. 

So whether you enjoy Divernet online or via the app, read Scuba Diver editions in print or digitally, listen to the podcasts or watch the YouTube channel – or perhaps you’re a keen enough diver to do all those things! – this survey is designed to provide a better understanding of the enthusiasts who drive our community. 

Your feedback will help RORK Media tailor its content and services to meet your interests and needs more effectively. All responses will be kept strictly confidential and analysed together to ensure privacy. The draw closes on 31 December this year, and you’ll find the survey here.


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