1st Hand Account of Sinking Liveaboard #scuba #podcast @ScubaDiverMagazine

1st Hand Account of Sinking Liveaboard #scuba #podcast @ScubaDiverMagazine

#scuba #scubadiving #scubadiver

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indie Craze
indie Craze
8 months ago

Sounds like whoever signed off on the boat was bribed and the lost equipment is prob in the 3000€ range

Fernando Suarez Mella
Fernando Suarez Mella
9 months ago

I was too a passenger in the Carlton Queen. Thanks for reporting this. For those of us that were on that boat, the most important thing to do is to use the lessons from this incident to raise the level of safety with in the diving industry in Egypt. I have been diving in the Red sea for more than 30 years, and I have seen, first hand, how little by little, the diving industry has professionalised. Obviously the regulations that apply are not up to the European standards. This should be an opportunity to raised those standards.
We are extremely disappointed with how the Carlton Queen Fleet handled the whole incident. They have not taken any responsibility for what happen (obviously they were operating a not seaworthy boat!) and obviously they have not make any amends in order to compensate us for all that we lost (all from diving gear to phones, documentation, money, etc). Some of the guest are processionnal instructors and need to replace their equipment in order to work. For this we have created a GoFound campaign (https://gofound.me/48d84450), and also in the hope that we will manage to take the Carlton Fleet company to justice. We can assure you that this company has been lying to us during all the time that we were there.

Sally Nolan
Sally Nolan
9 months ago

Thank you so much for this honest report. I was one of the divers on this boat and it was a very traumatic experience. Just listening to this is extremely difficult. We were so lucky to all survive this, if this had happened at night or we had not been such a close and competent group it would have had a very different ending. The captain and crew were not capable in this emergency situation, the boat was quite obviously not sea worthy nor did it meet, in my opinion, safety or emergency measures. We are coming up against constant brick walls but as a group we are doing everything we physically can to get hold of police reports, official papers that signed the boat off as fit to sail and basically any information that will help to hold the Carlton Fleet accountable and prevent this from happening again. We escaped with our lives but we have suffered a very traumatic experience in which we lost absolutely everything except for the clothes on our backs at the time. One of our group, Dominic, has done an amazing job in keeping us all united and informed on a group WhatsApp and he has also set up a https:/gofund.me/48d84450 to help the group. This is purely because our insurance companies will not cover any losses as the boat company are liable and they are not taking responsibility. So we are trying to raise funds to replace dive equipment for the divers amongst us that need equipment to instruct this season, to cover any counselling costs and also any legal costs towards holding the Carlton Fleet accountable.
This event needs to make people aware. There are some very good and reputable dive companies operating in the Red Sea but obviously some like the Carlton Fleet who have a total disregard for human life. The VIP Shrouq who rescued us were incredible and can’t be commended highly enough.
So thank you Scubapro for helping bring this to the attention of the diving community

David Taylor
David Taylor
9 months ago

I was a passenger on the Carlton Queen, I was one of the three trapped on the lower decks when it capsized.

There was 3 people that were hero’s that day, my son, fellow trapped passenger Fernando and Dr Christian Hanson who had the foresight to break the Saloon doors so that we could escape.. grateful to these people for my life.

9 months ago

I was wondering about why this vessel would suddenly capsize like that. Now you mentioned the refurbishment, I looked for pictures and saw they added an extra deck also. For me this supports my suspicions, by adding a deck they would have reduced the vessels GM (less stability and ability to right itself) the description of the list and lurching from one side to another by passengers could even indicate an ‘Angle of Loll’ a very dangerous condition for a ship to be in. If the passengers are taking this to court in anyway they need to get information on the vessels stability and consult a stability expert.

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