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From sunken cities to shipwrecks, we cover the stories that bridge the gap between the deep sea and deep time, revealing the ocean’s role in human history.

The final circle
The final circle

The Vanishing Dutchman mystery… solved Last October, DIVER published the story of a mysterious 18th-century shipwreck found off the coast of Sierra Leone in west

Working on the anchor collar
The Titanic of its time

The deep site of a Roman shipwreck was found near Crete well over a century ago. Among other artefacts it yielded the world’s oldest-known computer.

The Black Prince
Ben Franklin’s Black Fleet

Is one of these privateers lying off Anglesey? Rico Oldfield has been beneath its waters in a bid to find out. OUR WORK site is a

For 10 years now the wreckage of a 17th warship sunk in a storm off the Isle of Mull has been yielding more and more secrets from the age of Cromwell. Colin Martin has become the curator of this underwater museum
Swan Song

IT’S AS MUCH A ROUTINE AS GOING TO THE OFFICE, and I’ve been doing it every summer for 10 years. We sit on the rocks

Operation Zembe was tailor-made for our regular correspondent Monty Halls
In search of the ancestors

An Indiana Jones-style expedition to track down the oldest human artefact to survive under water, while avoiding the attentions of great white sharks and stinging

priests of the Inquisition destroyed all pagan idols and this Aztec ceremonial crystal skull would have been an exception only because it was among Cortezs personal treasure
Treasure-hunting the psychic way

Crystal skulls, priceless emeralds – a US dive team hit paydirt when they called in psychics to help locate a legendary treasure ship, and the


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