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Diver Magazine Relaunch

Are you still lamenting the demise of Diver magazine? Well now you can help resurrect an icon as we seek to bring back the magazine in both print and digital formats.

When Rork Media Limited heard about the collapse of Eaton Publishing and the Diver Group at the end of 2021, we decided we needed to try and save the much-loved title, website and dive show.

After obtaining the assets from the liquidators, we merged the Dive Show with the GO Diving Show to create one annual mega-event for the UK diving calendar, and relaunched Divernet, the long-standing website which has been on the scene since 1996. We also brought in Steve Weinman, former Editor of Diver, to man the helm of Divernet.

The iconic Diver logo

Bringing back an icon – Diver magazine

That just leaves Diver magazine itself. It just isn't feasible to bring back the title in a monthly format, instead we envisage the magazine as a quarterly coffee-table-style publication that is 90 percent editorial with a minimum advertising presence, leaving plenty of room for all of those favourite sections readers came to know and love through the title's long tenure.

To this end, we are looking to fund the magazine through circulation revenue, which will allow the editorial to focus on what is best for you, the reader.

Steve Weinman will be back in the Editor hotseat as we take the magazine back to its roots, offering direction in content and a steady hand in reconnecting with readers once again.

We are looking to raise enough funds to cover the creation and production of the first three issues, and we have various subscriber levels on offer.


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4 Responses

  1. Dear Divernet,

    Glad to hear DIVER Mag will be revived, just wondering what will happen to those subscribers that paid for 2 years subscriptions for print and ended up getting only a few copies then Covid then Digital then nothing, due to the sad situation that befell DIVER.

    Will we get any recompense from the liquidators. We the loyal subscriber base.

    Kind regards,

    Peter Fortune.
    Hong Kong.

    1. Hello Peter,

      As we stated before, we only purchased the assets of Eaton Publishing from an asset sale company. We didn’t buy the company itself or have anything to do with the previous company that owned Diver magazine. As far as I’ve heard, the liquidator had reached out to the subscribers, but as we had nothing to do with Eaton Publishing, it’s not something I could confirm.

      The assets we purchased we the IP and digital properties and the email lists, so even if we wanted to fulfil subscription copies, we would have no way to verify who had purchased what. When we originally received the email data, we offered all on the list a 12 issue subscription to Scuba Diver magazine for £1 per issue to cover delivery, which we felt was the best we could offer, and well beyond our obligations.

      If you’ve not heard from the liquidator, then if you purchased via a credit card, we suggest you issue a claim through them for the non-delivery of goods.


      Ross Arnold
      Publishing Director

  2. Well done! Creating a new niche magazine from scratch is remarkable. But to want to invest and resurrect a previous magazine is simply incredible. Donated already so fingers crossed for your success.

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