Last Minute Komodo with Pindito Liveaboard

MASSIVE LAST MINUTE-DISCOUNT on Komodo trips with Pindito next month In April, Pindito celebrated its 30th birthday, an impressive milestone for any business, let alone a dive


Can You Spare a Minute?

We want your feedback about diver safety. We’re looking to gather some information about diver habits and their safety.  We offer nothing in return for

Red Sea Explorer Faisal Khalaf

The Red Sea Explorer

Technical diver and liveaboard operator FAISAL KHALAF opens up about everything from monkey diving to Doing It Right – and an ill-fated bid to dive

TecLine Lightjet Fins Review

TecLine Lightjet Fins Review

Tecline offers a variety of fins, all harking back to the dependable old JetFin style of technical fin, but for this first review, I thought

The Fat of the Land

As we launch into the start of a New Year, Nick Lyon urges divers to take a good, hard look at their body shape and level of fitness, and take action to get ‘fit to dive’