Makeover for Scubapro’s Level BC

The latest version of Scubapro’s Level BC

Scubapro’s front-adjustable Level BC, designed to be a ”comfortable all-rounder”, has been given a face-lift, visually apparent from new silver, blue and white graphics and logo.

Also new are the rotating quick-release shoulder-buckles, designed for greater comfort in combination with the sternum strap and adjustable cummerbund with double-pull over-strap. The built-in trim-weight pockets are also new, says Scubapro, each holding up to 2kg of ballast and helping to distribute this to maintain a comfortable diving attitude at depth. 

The BC has a lightweight wraparound bladder made of EndurTex 420 nylon and a full-sized backpack with Super Cinch tank-band. Quick-release integrated weight pouches each hold up to 5kg and have 40mm flat buckles for security.

Back view, showing tank-band, trim-weight pouches and dumps.

There are two large pockets with hook-and-loop closures, one with metal grommets for knife-attachment, four stainless-steel D-rings and two octo pockets.

The Scubapro Level is available with the manufacturer’s Balanced Power Inflator and comes in five sizes (XS-XL) with lift capacities from 10.2-17.3kg. Recommended retail price is £335.

Scubapro has been active recently, as reflected on Divernet, with its Go lightweight travel BC and S270 regulator second stage.


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