Move fast to see Thirteen Lives on big screen

Thirteen Lives
A scene from Thirteen Lives (Curzon)

Thirteen Lives, the much-anticipated Ron Howard-directed film about the 2018 Tham Luang cave rescue in Thailand, is set to get its moment on big screens on Monday, 18 July, at multiple Curzon cinemas in the UK. 

These will be evening charity screenings, with proceeds going to the TK Foundation, a Bahamas-based organisation that supports non-profit maritime and youth programmes.

Curzon has nine cinemas in and around London, including Soho where a guest-only screening will take place, and others in Canterbury, Colchester, Knutsford, Oxford, Ripon and Sheffield. The venues are listed here.

“There will be only a few opportunities to see the film on the big screen, which will do it justice,” Rick Stanton told Divernet. He and John Volanthen, the prime movers in the rescue, were closely involved in the making of Thirteen Lives from the start, keen to ensure its authenticity.

Shot in Australia and Thailand and based on a screenplay by William Nicholson, the film stars Viggo Mortensen as Stanton, Colin Farrell as Volanthen and Joel Edgerton as the anaesthetist Richard Harris..

“I’m aware of caving clubs going en masse to the first selected screenings of The Rescue [the 2021 documentary about Tham Luang] – so maybe dive clubs would like to do the same here in the UK for Thirteen Lives?” suggested Stanton.

Tickets cost £5 for non-members of Curzon or for members' guests, and are free for Classic, Cult, Cult+ and Under 25 members. After the Curzon screenings, audiences will have to wait until 5 August to watch the film on smaller screens, when it will be streamed on Amazon Prime.

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