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Welcome! Divernet has a whole new look, as you’ll have noticed the moment you landed on this homepage. And you can look forward to more and more new content, plus priceless archival material, being rolled out on the website over the coming weeks. was very early on the scene in 1996, when there was little scuba content online anywhere in the world – to the extent that DIVER's ad manager recalls having to show advertisers at the time how to use the Internet! The digital age was only just getting under way.

The site carried the bulk of the content of the long-established DIVER monthly print magazine, and as this material accumulated over time it was easily able to live up to its tagline ‘The Biggest Online Resource for Scuba Divers’.

Included were diving destination reports, equipment tests, wreck tours and general, holiday and equipment news, updated daily.

In its 22 years online there have been several iterations of Divernet as it transferred between service providers, though no root-and-branch alterations. All that’s about to change with the new, more user-friendly Divernet.

The previous website, like most sites that have remained fundamentally unchanged for a long period, had its faults, and the designers of the new site have been adept at addressing these. At the same time, the many virtues that have made Divernet so popular have been recognised and enhanced to boost its appeal.

So users will be greeted by a visually tidier and brighter website in which clarity of design is the watchword. It’s more than just refreshed – it looks contemporary, and it’s easier to read, to navigate and to search.

Of paramount importance now that users demand that content be readily available at any time is that the new Divernet is so mobile-friendly.

Catch up wherever you are, whether on the sofa, at your desk or on the move, armed only with your smartphone or tablet.

Divernet continues to represent Diver magazine online plus a top layer of real-time news and interactive features. Selected print content is uploaded a calendar-month after each magazine’s publication date – but we suggest that for the full content, including all photography, you order the magazine as well, either in print or digital form.

And from day to day, whether it’s the latest scuba news, views, reviews or reports you need, keep bookmarked to enjoy a seamless online experience.


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