Free app samples Adriatic wreck dives

Free app on Adriatic wrecks

A new free app has been developed for scuba divers wishing to explore some of the underwater cultural attractions off the coasts of Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina – perhaps before going on to sample them for themselves. 

WRECKS4ALL covers 18 underwater heritage sites in the Adriatic Sea ranging from the Hellenistic and Roman eras up to WW2 and modern times, and taking in ship and aircraft wrecks and archaeological sites.

Examples include the French destroyer Dague, which sank near the port of Bar; the steamer Tihany, described as the “most beautiful” Montenegrin shipwreck; Golesnica 91, which played a part in all the wars of the 20th century; a German Stuka dive-bomber; an ancient shipwreck near Scedro in Croatia; and the Desilo archaeological site in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

For each country there are three 3D interactive and three 2D sites (photos and video) from which to choose. A separate map section shows the locations of dive-sites and dive-centres as well as inland attractions, and provides more information about them.

An Augmented Reality plugin is designed to bring the sites further to life for those with AR capability. Users can select from a free, guided or AR tour, with narration and touchscreen navigation. 

The app was conceived by the Faculty of Maritime Studies of Kotor University of Montenegro and developed and led by its Centre for Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, financed by an EU cross-border co-operation programme. As part of the project, virtual reality showrooms were opened in the cities of Kotor, Mostar and Split.

The free WRECKS4ALL app can be downloaded via Google Play or Apple Store.

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