Wreck Tours

The Shadwan Wreck Tour

Wreck Tour 76: The Shadwan

This shallow steamer wreck sank in Berwick Bay in Victorian times but still holds mysteries for divers to solve, as JOHN LIDDIARD explains. Illustration by

The Glocliffe Wreck Tour

Wreck Tour 75: The Glocliffe

A classic merchant steamer sunk in the Channel during World War One, the Glocliffe offers an intact experience for divers willing to do a little

Thomas Vaughan Wreck Tour

Wreck Tour 74: Thomas Vaughan

There’s plenty to explore on this British steamer off Pembrokeshire, and it’s accessible in most weathers, says JOHN LIDDIARD. Illustration by MAX ELLIS SOMEWHAT UNUSUALLY

The Verona Wreck Tour

Wreck Tour 71: The Verona

A fast luxury yacht with guns – the Verona is an intriguing prospect, says JOHN LIDDIARD. Mined in 1917, it lies in 39m out from

the virginian wreck tour

Wreck Tour 69: The Virginian

This steam-trawler survived two world wars only to be mown down by a much bigger Empire ship in 1946. Yorkshire fishing’s loss was divers’ gain,

The Ardlough Wreck Tour

Wreck Tour 68: The Ardlough

This German freighter sank off Anglesey just 16 years ago and it can now be enjoyed in different ways by advanced and less-advanced divers alike,

Wreck Tour 67 The Enrico Parodi

Wreck Tour 67: The Enrico Parodi

This steam collier grounded off north Cornwall in 1916 and makes for an interesting dive if you don’t mind a little deco, says JOHN LIDDIARD.

The Elsa Wreck Tour

Wreck Tour 99: The Elsa

This is a big steamship, torpedoed off south Devon in 1918 but still in impressive condition, says our tour-guide JOHN LIDDIARD. Illustration by MAX ELLIS

The Kimya Wreck Tour

Wreck Tour 98: The Kimya

This 1990s storm victim is easy to find and can be enjoyed by divers of all levels if conditions are right. JOHN LIDDIARD reports on

The Acclivity wreck tour

Wreck Tour 97: The Acclivity

This colourful adventure playground, a small tanker off Northumberland, is just the right size to explore at its depth, says JOHN LIDDIARD. Illustration by MAX

Wreck Tour 96 The Rosehill

Wreck Tour 96: The Rosehill

Lying in the shadow of its big-name neighbours off south Cornwall, this coal-carrying steamer, a U-boat victim from World War One, is too often neglected

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