2-piece S-Tek fin has buoyancy adjustment

Back view of the S-Tek fin
Back view of the S-Tek fin

Scubapro’s two-piece fin concept, introduced on the Seawing Supernova a year ago, has been extended to the new S-Tek design for technical divers, which also offers buoyancy adjustment.

At the same time the manufacturer is launching the Gorilla version of its GO Sport fin, and introducing four new colours for the lightweight GO Travel fin (below).

On the S-Tek the blade and foot-pocket are moulded separately for portability, and Scubapro says that its Sure-Lock Connecting System makes assembly and disassembly easy. The open-heel foot-pocket has an upgraded heavy-duty Boot-Fit bungee strap, designed to allow for micro-adjustments to accommodate different boot types.

The S-Tek is a two-piece fin
The S-Tek is a two-piece fin
The weight plate system allows the fin buoyancy to be adjusted
The weight plate system enables fin buoyancy adjustment

With the S-Tek’s Removable Stainless-Steel Weight Plate System, divers can choose between having their fins positively, neutrally or negatively buoyant simply by adding or removing one or both of the two lock-plates. 

Available in technical black in sizes XS, S and M with Midi blade, and L and XL with Maxi blade (weighing from 2 to 2.7kg), the Monprene fins have an ultra-streamlined profile, says the maker. 

The 30º pre-angled blade is said to require less deflection to achieve the desired angle of attack for an efficient kick, allowing for a stiffer blade without increased drag. The aim is to reduce the risk of leg cramp or ankle strain while using non-standard frog, backward or flutter kicks or making helicopter turns, boosting manoeuvrability and performance.  

The manufacturer’s Clean Water Blade and Vented Blade design is intended to reduce drag while increasing thrust, with the Hydra-Loop ramped and reinforced leading edge improving lateral rigidity, not only for kicks but to allow better thrust. 

A pair of S-Tek fins cost £230 with weight system, multi-tool and boat-bag. Blades can be bought separately if desired and are compatible with Seawing Supernova foot-pockets.

GO Sport Gorilla version

The new GO Sport Gorilla comes in orange or black and, although it looks the same as a GO Sport fin, higher-grade Monprene provides a slightly stiffer blade and heavy-duty bungee to offer “extra umph” for experienced divers in demanding conditions. The Gorilla also uses the upgraded heavy-duty Boot-Fit bungee strap.

The 25° pre-angled blade features a central power panel for longitudinal rigidity and to create a channelling effect, with power bars under the rails to prevent over-flexing and maintain the optimum angle of attack. The five sizes, XS, S, M, L and XL, weigh from 1.15 to 1.8kg, and price is £148.

Go Travel new colours

The lightweight GO Travel leisure fin combines the benefits of open-heel access with the comfort and freedom of a full-foot fin, says Scubapro, which describes the model as virtually indestructible and fast.

The new colours are blue, yellow, pink and turquoise, and there is also an option for different strap colours. Sizes are 3XS, 2XS, XS-S, M-L, XL and 2XL, ranging in weight from 0.79 to 1.61kg a pair, with a price tag of £87.

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