Jet Fins go full camo

The latest incarnation of Scubapro’s Jet Fins
The latest incarnation of Scubapro’s Jet Fins

Scubapro’s Jet Fin might have been around since 1965 but the black rubber classic has just been given a reboot in the form of three camouflage colour choices, as well as a “forever” heel-strap and pairing holes.

The 2023 version comes with a stainless-steel spring heel-strap for durability and ease of donning and doffing, while the new eyelets allow the fins to be kept hung or stored together to reduce the chance of misplacing or mismatching.

The stainless-steel spring heel-strap on Scubapro’s Jet Fin is designed to last forever
The stainless-steel spring heel-strap is designed to last forever

“Jet Fin set the standard for power and durability when it was first introduced 50 years ago,” says the manufacturer. “Today tech divers, deep divers, military divers, commercial divers and dive instructors, as well as old-school recreational divers, still strap on a pair of Jet Fins before hitting the water.” 

The fins have a vented design intended to decrease drag on the upstroke and enhance thrust on the downstroke. They come in four sizes (M, L, XL and 2XL) and the camo colourways are blue / white, grey / white and dark blue / green.

Weights range from 2.38kg for medium-sized fins up to 3.27kg for the largest, and Scubapro’s recommended retail price is £186.

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