Fourth Element adds tech & freedive masks

diver in Fourth Element Navigator mask, mono
Fourth Element’s new Navigator Tech mask

Hot on the heels of the Scout range announced on Divernet in February, Fourth Element has made two further additions to its 2022 mask collection.

The Navigator Tech framed twin-lens mask is designed to provide comfort at depth for technical divers, says the UK manufacturer. Said to offer excellent field of vision, it comes with two lens types, Clarity and Enhance.

“Masks are the most personal piece of equipment a diver can have,” commented cave and trimix instructor and Fourth Element team diver Garry Dallas. “I have struggled for over 23 years to find a mask that won’t leak, feels good and doesn’t scare others.” He describes the Navigator, which retails at £75, as “the best mask I’ve ever dived”.  

Meanwhile the Aquanaut freediving mask features what Fourth Element says is a new design of silicone skirt developed to fit as many face shapes as possible. 

Freediver with Fourth Element Aquanaut mask
The Aquanaut mask was designed to suit freedivers

A low-volume compact model, Fourth Element says the Aquanaut offers a surprisingly wide field of view, making it suitable not only for apnea but as an all-purpose mask or a second mask for technical divers. It comes in black or white with Clarity or Contrast lenses, and is priced at £65.

“This is such a great product, the most comfortable mask I’ve ever worn,” was the appreciative comment from freediving instructor and Fourth Element ambassador Bastien Soleil.

Clarity lenses are untinted to maximise transmitted light and suit night-divers and photographers, while the green-tinted Contrast style filters out some mid-range wavelengths of light in the visible spectrum and is said to boost contrast for divers in temperate seas. 

Enhance is designed to protect the wearer from HEV as well as UV radiation but also offers “enhanced perception” in dimly lit environments. Fourth Element masks come in a zero-plastic mask case designed to fit a fin foot-pocket. 

Freediver at surface with Fourth Element Aquanaut mask and Float snorkel
Aquanaut mask with Contrast lenses, combined with the Float snorkel

The manufacturer has also introduced three snorkel designs to accompany its growing mask range. 

The £25 Splash features a splash guard and the £28 Dry a dry top, both designs having a soft silicone mouthpiece and purge valve. The £20 Float is a floating J-shaped snorkel designed to fit into a drysuit pocket but also described as ideal for freediving. All three models have detachable snorkel-keepers. Find more information on the Fourth Element site


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