Scout masks to suit different divers

Scout masks

Cornwall-based manufacturer Fourth Element is best known for its divewear but now it has introduced a dive mask, with a range of lens options to suit different diving purposes and conditions.

The single-lens frameless Scout is “fully customisable”, says the manufacturer, laying it on the line that a mask is “the most important piece of equipment for most, if not all, scuba divers”.

It says that the Scout masks’ lens system has been designed to deliver an optimised experience whether for underwater photographers looking to maximise light transmission or wreck divers needing to see better in low light conditions.

The four lens options are called Shield, Enhance, Clarity and Contrast. The golden-hued Shield is designed to reflect away UV radiation and glare, suiting it to tropical, warmwater locations, while the Enhance protects the wearer from HEV as well as UV radiation but also offers “enhanced perception” in dimly lit environments. 

Clarity is untinted to maximise transmitted light and suit night-divers and photographers, while the green-tinted Contrast filters out some mid-range wavelengths of light in the visible spectrum and is said to boost contrast for divers in temperate seas. 

Scout mask
White mask with Shield lens
Scout mask
Black mask with Contrast lens

The mask has an angled profile to maximise field of view. It comes in black or white, with a soft silicone skirt for a good seal and “optimised comfort fit”, and elasticated straps that Fourth Element says are easily interchangeable.

The straps come in a choice of four colours and are made from rubber and recycled nylon. The clips, which employ recycled waste ABS plastic from the automotive industry, are designed to fit most mask buckles.

The protective case is also designed with sustainability in mind. The cushioned half-shell design is OceanPositive (zero plastics) and said to be low-profile enough to slot into the foot-pocket of most makes of fin, where many scuba divers like to keep their masks safe.

Scout masks are priced at £80 – find out more from Fourth Element.


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