‘Abnormal’ shark behaviour closes Red Sea sites

Oceanic whitetip shark. (Picture: Michael Aston)
Oceanic whitetip shark. (Picture: Michael Aston)

“I had many interesting encounters with oceanic whitetip sharks at the Brothers and Daedalus and shot many frames of them showing noticeable behavioural changes,” he told Divernet. “I had never seen them so agitated before.

“Afterwards I talked to many experienced dive-guides, and the common perception is that extreme water temperatures could explain their behaviour.”

The CDWS has asked all dive operators to review shark-awareness guidelines before operations resume.

They are asked to discourage snorkelling and entry-level diving in areas in which it is not permitted and, where it is allowed, conduct proper safety briefings, have first-aid equipment available and ensure that guides always enter the water first.

To avoid attracting sharks, no fish-feeding or fishing should take place with people in the water and no food-waste should be disposed of at sea.

Ekrem Parmaksiz will have a full report on his unusual Red Sea trip in the January edition of DIVER magazine.


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