RAID brings in Cavern & Twinset courses

RAID has a new Cavern course (RAID)
RAID has a new Cavern course (RAID)

Diver training agency RAID has launched two new courses, Cavern and Twinset, in line with what it says are plans for more programmes aimed at the broader recreational market in 2023. 

Cavern Diver is a departure for RAID and is described as a stand-alone recreational and mild overhead course for divers who do not want to commit to a full technical course, although it can provide a stepping-stone to its existing Cave 1 introduction to cave-diving.

Cavern Diver allows penetration into a cavern up to 60m from the surface, and all activities stay within the light zone, so it can be completed by students configured in traditional recreational gear but is open to qualified students using sidemount or twinsets. 

Students must have logged at least 20 hours under water, be 18 or older and have been certified divers for at least three months. RAID Deep 40, RAID Explorer 30 or the equivalent are required if the student is to dive to 30m or more.

Double benefits

Twinset Diver is designed for divers wanting to use doubles for safe recreational or technical diving, and can be a standalone for any diver wishing to understand the benefits of extending bottom time while enjoying a measure of redundancy and being able to plan dives to derive full advantage.

The course will become a prerequisite for students wishing to use twinsets on other RAID courses and will be required training for those looking to complete Deco 40/50/60 or overhead programmes. 

This RAID course is available to any Open Water 20 certified diver or equivalent aged 15 or over. It involves at least one hour of confined-water training with at least two open-water dives logging three hours or more in-water time. 

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