RAID adds 100m CCR course, BSAC boosts app

Hew training course from RAID
New training course from RAID

For closed-circuit rebreather divers looking to dive deep into the 80-100m zone, RAID has introduced a new training programme it describes as the “missing piece” in its range of advanced CCR courses.

Its Hypoxic Trimix CCR programme completes the suite of unit-specific courses it launched late last year, ranging from the entry-level Sport Rebreather Diver to the 60m-max Normoxic Trimix and Rebreather Reboot. The training agency says that all its CCR courses have now been “extensively upgraded” to conform to new guidelines and industry norms. 

Hypoxic Trimix CCR provides the extensive planning and equipment-intensive skills required for a diver to operate using gases with oxygen content of 16% or less and delivering optimal gas density, says RAID. 

It involves at least seven in-water sessions with a minimum 420 minutes in the water, including at least one dive in confined or open water to a maximum 40m depth as a skills refresher and update dive. The other six or more open-water dives should provide at least 340 minutes of underwater training.

Students already certified as hypoxic CCR divers on different rebreather units will need time to show competency at all skills in confined water and a minimum of three open-water dives with at least three hours’ total inwater time. Find out more from RAID​.

‘Right at their fingertips’

Using the MyBSAC app for lesson sign-off (BSAC)
Using the MyBSAC app for lesson sign-off (BSAC)

Meanwhile the British Sub-Aqua Club has updated its MyBSAC app, which it says has since 2021 given its divers access to all their essential membership and training details “right at their fingertips”. 

The app now allows BSAC instructors to look up students, leave comments and sign off lessons – removing the need for paperwork. They can also now upload HSE medical certificates directly to BSAC.

The club says it has been recruiting “bumper numbers” of scuba-diving trainees since the Covid pandemic, with the app giving them instant access to their cards in order to prove their BSAC membership, diving or snorkelling qualification and medical status at any time and anywhere in the world. They can also use it to check membership information, get news or book their next training event.

“The updated app demonstrates BSAC’s commitment to digital processes, as well as improving the training experience for students and instructors,” says BSAC head of diving and training Dom Robinson. “And there’s more to come – the latest MyBSAC app release is just one step on the journey of constant improvements, following member feedback.”

The MyBSAC app can be downloaded free on the Apple Store and Google Play, and is also available on a guest basis to non-members seeking diving news and safety information, training events or to contact a local BSAC branch.

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