Dining at depth in Brussels

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Until now scuba divers training at the NEMO33 deep pool in Brussels have had to surface when they get hungry, and eat at the complex's Thai restaurant. But now, for 99 euros per head, they have the option of staying submerged to enjoy fine dining at 5m.

The dive-centre with the 33m-deep pool has just added an intimate restaurant 5m below the surface. Called the Pearl, it’s a 2m-wide air-supplied white sphere with portholes.

Tethered in an upper level of the pool, it contains a table for up to four people.

Diners leave their dive-kit at the door as they swim up inside the air-pocket to take their seats.

A meal of foie gras, lobster salad and champagne is served from waterproof cases by scuba-diving waiters.

“We are launching a new era of restaurants,” said John Beernaerts, who opened the pool, at that time the world’s deepest, in the Belgian capital 12 years ago.

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