Ocean users urged to make ‘sea-changes’

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Ocean users urged to make ‘sea-changes'

“If we don't take care of the ocean, we endanger our own survival.”

That's the message from the Sea Change project in its new campaign Our Ocean, Our Health, aimed at raising awareness of the interconnections between the two.

Sea Change, which is an EU-funded research and innovation programme, aims to encourage people to take sustainable direct action to conserve the ocean, “which provides oxygen, regulates climate and produces more than 140 million tons of food a year”. Human activity is threatening the ocean’s health, it says.

Sea Change is encouraging sharing of a new video that can be seen here. While on its website it wants people to pledge to make a “sea change” in their daily behaviour.

It asserts that even small personal changes if carried through by enough people can achieve big results in tackling the marine issues of plastic debris, acidification, pollution and depletion of fish stocks.

The project is being coordinated by the Marine Biological Association. Asked about the expected impact on such environmental projects of the Brexit referendum, the MBA's Deputy Director Jon Parr told Divernet: “There is no immediate effect on the Sea Change project, which is a fully funded Horizon 2020 project and will remain so.

“We as an organisation are of course concerned about future funding, but currently expect such funding streams to continue.”

The MBA has stated that because strong international collaboration is now essential in the marine-biological and environmental sciences, the referendum “raises significant uncertainties surrounding essential funding for the UK marine-biology community… the MBA will actively engage with the UK Government to help ensure adequate resources are made available to support marine research, education and advice provision.”

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