The 50 Best Dives in Micronesia:The Ultimate Guide to the Essential Sites by Tim Rock

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Aspirational Browse

HERE’S ANOTHER diving guide-book, but of a very different sort.
Where Diving Gozo & Comino is a real hands-on diver-aid, Tim Rock’s new book is more of an aspirational browse, designed to help divers decide which trip of a lifetime they should take in what may well be an unfamiliar part of the world.
There isn’t too much technical detail but there is plenty of mouth-watering description to fire up those with an appetite for some exotic diving experiences.
Tim Rock is a photo-journalist and resident of Guam, which features along with other well-known parts of his Pacific stamping ground, such as the Marshall islands (including Bikini), Truk Lagoon, Yap and Palau, along with Kosrae, Pohnpei and the Northern Mariana Islands.
Rock doesn’t confine himself to the best-known parts but also includes places he describes as on the bucket-lists of Micronesia aficionados. In such a diving-rich area of the world, deciding what to leave out can’t have been easy.
Tim Rock has enjoyed success with various Lonely Planet diving and snorkelling guides in the past, and has no doubt noted the even-greater success Chris Santella has enjoyed with his Fifty Places to Dive Before You Die book, hence perhaps the choice of title of his Micronesia guide (inserting a “50” is always worth a shot).
If I had to sum up this book in two words they would probably be “old-school”, which may well be a reflection of the fact that almost every diver and indeed person shown in the attractive photographs inside is a scantily attired lady.
In fact in concept this publication struck me as a coffee-table book reduced to a smaller format.
It’s probably not an essential companion for your travels once you’ve reached the packing stage, but it is a pleasant indulgence for enthusiastic dive-planners.
Steve Weinman

Blurb Books
ISBN: 9781366221049
Softback, 180pp, £29.99

Appeared in DIVER July 2017


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