Galileo 3 dive-computer has landed

Diver wearing Galileo 3 in Grand Cayman

“Everything you need in an advanced dive-computer, with the comfort, style and utility of a topside wristwatch” – that is Scubapro’s promise for its new Galileo 3 offering.

The Galileo first appeared in 2007 and was ground-breaking in that the computer could be used as a heart-rate monitor to better suit decompression algorithms to the needs of individual divers. In 2017 the current G2 arrived, now boasting a full-colour screen. 

And now we have the G3 which is, as the long-established manufacturer says – and as divers would hope – built to last. Its stainless-steel housing and bezel sapphire glass lens are designed to provide extreme surface hardness and scratch-resistance, says Scubapro. 

The rotatable bezel is coated with a self-luminescent material that, combined with an efficient backlight, should ensure excellent visibility in all conditions. In Gauge, one of the computer’s three modes, the bezel can be used to set and track dive-time. 

The hi-res full-colour TFT LCD display has been designed for ease of reading at any angle, says Scubapro. There is a choice of Light or Classic screen-display configurations.

The familiar Galileo menu design is retained, with the diver using the four buttons to navigate through the dive modes, algorithms, screen styles, colour schemes and other personalised dive-management options in a manner that Scubapro describes as extremely intuitive.

Algorithm choice

There is a choice of two algorithms – predictive multi-gas Buehlmann ZHL-16 ADT MB PMG or ZHL-16 GF (Gradient Factors) – and the three dive modes are Scuba, Gauge and Freediving. In Scuba mode there are four settings: PMG, Trimix, CCR and Sidemount.

Wireless air integration monitors tank pressure to provide accurate remaining bottom time (RBT) and allow the diver’s actual air consumption to be factored into the decompression calculation. The computer is compatible with Scubapro Smart + and Smart + Pro transmitters for hose-free pressure monitoring.

The G3 can be paired with up to eight nitrox / trimix tanks in PMG mode plus a diluent tank in CCR and a pony bottle to handle any recreational or technical diving scenario, says the manufacturer.

A 3D digital tilt-compensated compass is provided and comes with a top-view full compass rose display for “pinpoint” navigation.

Personalised dive-management functions include PDIS (Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops), which calculates an intermediate stop based on nitrogen loading, current and previous dives and breathing mixes. There are also Microbubble settings, which allow the diver to adjust conservatism levels in the algorithm to match experience, age and physical conditioning.

Heart rate monitoring

Heart Rate Monitoring is an optional function and the digital heart-rate belt is sold separately (it costs £110) to deliver additional individualised real-time data while diving. This can also be used when engaged in strenuous topside activities.

Staying at the surface, the G3 Sport mode covers functions such as swim-stroke and activity counters and a stopwatch for topside sports. 

Power comes from a rechargeable lithium battery, and its estimated life per charge in Dive mode is up to 30 hours.

A Bluetooth Low Energy interface enables the downloading of dives to any iOS or Android portable device or PC/Mac, with firmware that can be user-updated with the LogTrak 2.0 iOS or Android app. Smart notifications such as emails, texts, media player controls and alerts are available when the G3 is paired with a compatible iPhone.

The G3 measures 47.2mm in diameter with a 30.9mm screen, and stands 17mm high. Maximum operating depth in Dive mode is 120m.

The new dive-computer comes in a soft black case with 22mm black silicone wrist-strap (interchangeable accessory bands are available), wrist-strap extension, USB cable, charging dongle and holder, lanyard with clip, quick-use guide and manual.

Recommended retail price is £1,130 or £1,365 complete with Smart + Pro transmitter. Full product details can be found at the Scubapro site.

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