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ANOTHER MONTH, ANOTHER MASK – this one a single-lens design. It carries the Reveal X1 designation and it was adorning my craggy old fizzog for some late-winter UK diving.

The Design
Aqua Lung claims to have spent years of research and testing before it came up with the final rendition of the Reveal X1 mask. The single lens is set into a polycarbonate frame attached to a soft silicon skirt, and Aqua Lung’s “Advanced Fit” technology is incorporated in the skirt, with the intention of enhancing the sealing properties and delivering a feeling of comfort.
Features include a textured external surface either side of the nose-pocket to assist in gripping the nose when equalising, and wrap-around geometry for better fit on a wide range of face shapes and sizes.
The spherical silicon headband is attached to the mask with one-touch button quick-fit buckles mounted directly on the skirt.

In Use
At first glance the Reveal X1 looked like a sleek, low-profile model with modern stylish looks, and it just happened to fit my face like a glove. After toothpasting the hell out of
the internal surfaces of the lens to remove unwanted silicon release agents and attempt to make it hydrophobic, I took it under water at various inland sites.
The strap was a doddle to adjust, even with dry gloves. It slid smoothly through the single-button buckle and locked solidly in place.
The broad spherical strap-pad sat neatly around the back of my head and stayed in place throughout the dives.
The silicon skirt felt soft and pliable and did its job of keeping the water out brilliantly.
I can remember only a few occasions on which I had to purge unwanted water.
The field of view offered by the teardrop-shaped single window was huge, both vertically and laterally, enhanced I’m sure by the close proximity of the lens to my eyes.
I had only one gripe, and that was that the nose-pocket felt a bit snug. I do sport a rather large honker, however, and it seems to be growing as I get older, which is worrying.

The Reveal X1 proved excellent for me, fitting my face, keeping the water out and providing a great field of view. Yes the nose-pocket was a little tight, but when your nickname’s “Shonky” that might be expected. I could find nothing else to dislike about it.
Aqua Lung has created a beautiful-looking mask, and for an underwater photographer who regularly shoots portraits for divEr I was thinking how great a clear-skirted version with a brightly coloured frame would look on a model in front of some vibrant soft coral and a bright blue backdrop – the creative juices were flowing!
I might just slip one of these masks in my kit-bag for that very purpose or, of course, I could wear it myself as I shoot some of those ubiquitous selfies.

PRICE: £46
LENS: Single, tempered glass
BUCKLES: Quick-fit, one touch
COLOURS: Clear skirt with black, blue, yellow or orange frames. Black skirt with black or black/white frames.

Appeared in DIVER May 2017


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