Full exposure for another icy freediving record

Bare-fleshed world record attempt for Polish freediver Stanisław Odbieżałek
Bare-fleshed world record attempt for Polish freediver Stanisław Odbieżałek

Hot on the heels of Croatian freediver Valentina Cafolla’s 140m under-ice distance record on one breath last week, male diver Stanisław Odbieżałek from Poland has claimed his own under-ice breakthrough – though over a shorter distance of 110m. 

The crucial difference was in the amount of bare flesh involved – 40-year-old Odbieżałek had zero thermal protection as he covered the distance between two ice-holes, kitted out only in trunks, mask and, like Cafolla, a monofin.

freediving photocall for Stanisław Odbieżałek
Photocall for Odbieżałek

Odbieżałek, who is based in Drammen, Norway, carried out the dive in Lake Mysutjernet in that country’s Kongsberg region to break his own previous Guinness World Record from a year ago of 107m.

Czech freediver David Vencl holds the record for longest breath-hold under ice with no suit and without fins, having covered 81m on 23 February, 2021. Odbieżałek’s new monofin record awaits verification.

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