Category: Scuba Gear

DIVER TEST: Mares Dual Adjustable 52X

Although an inexpensive addition to its range, the Dual Adjustable 52X delivers all the features and benefits a serious advanced diver is likely to ask of any regulator.


My only problem with it is the price. I can’t even find it in my fiscally motivated heart to describe it as “expensive but reasonably priced bearing in mind the performance and quality of build”. But I really wish I could.

GoPro Hero 8

If I wanted a use-it-anywhere action camera, I’d go for the Hero 8 – just making darn sure that I housed it before taking it diving.

DIVER TEST: Red Original Waterproof Pouch

The Red Original Waterproof Pouch is a very practical solution for those who like to kit up and walk straight into the water without risking leaving valuables on shore or locked in a car some distance away.