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TecLine Lightjet Fins Review

TecLine Lightjet Fins Review

Tecline offers a variety of fins, all harking back to the dependable old JetFin style of technical fin, but for this first review, I thought

female diver holding pair of Fourth Element Tech fins

Tech fins inspired by humpback whales

Whales provided the inspiration for optimising efficiency in Fourth Element’s latest fins, according to the Cornwall-based manufacturer. The “turbulence disruptors” on top of the blades

Scubapro R195 octopus

Get free octopus with Scubapro regs

Scubapro usually does it at this time of year – gives away its octopuses. The manufacturer’s spring promotion means that a free alternative air source


Makeover for Scubapro’s Level BC

Scubapro’s front-adjustable Level BC, designed to be a ”comfortable all-rounder”, has been given a face-lift, visually apparent from new silver, blue and white graphics and