Scubapro has begun its spring regulator promotion, offering a free octopus with selected reg purchases

Free octopuses and more trees

Octo comes free with Scubapro reg systems Scubapro, which started giving away undersuits with selected drysuits a fortnight ago, has sprung another springtime offer: a

New Apeks Gear, Scubapro Offer & More

Topics discussed: Paul Toomer and RAID – the full story Scubapro launches drysuit promotion Shark Biologist Launches First Australian Wetsuit Brand For Women Website: Scuba Diver

The latest incarnation of Scubapro’s Jet Fins

Jet Fins go full camo

Scubapro’s Jet Fin might have been around since 1965 but the black rubber classic has just been given a reboot in the form of three


Makeover for Scubapro’s Level BC

Scubapro’s front-adjustable Level BC, designed to be a ”comfortable all-rounder”, has been given a face-lift, visually apparent from new silver, blue and white graphics and

Scubapro S270

Scubapro S270 is a step-up reg

Recreational scuba divers looking to take a step up from their entry-level regulators could take a look at two new systems from Scubapro, both built

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