Signalling P for Plastic


Signalling P for Plastic

P for Plastic X

A new international hand-signal for scuba divers, indicating the presence under water of plastic waste, has been proposed by the Netherlands-based Plastic Soup Foundation.

“As a diver, you are constantly confronted with the ongoing decay and damaged state of the sea and the coral reefs,” says the foundation.

It hopes that its “P for Plastic” sign will be used to let a dive-buddy know that you see plastic and want to pick it up.

27 March 2019

The foundation says it has been working with a group of Dutch divers and dive-related companies on the initiative, with the aim of encouraging divers around the world to spread awareness of the threat from plastic and take action to help tackle it.

It suggests that, apart from learning and using the signal, divers should download the image and share it with others on social media, where appropriate using the hashtag #PforPlastic.

The Plastic Soup Foundation started up in 2011 and is a not-for-profit organisation.



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