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11 great reasons to be a UK diver

Looking to enlist more volunteer scuba divers and snorkellers for the long-running Seasearch research project, the Marine Conservation Society has released a selection of 11

Leopard seal

Leopard seal v penguin encounter wins gold

Capturing this dramatically unequal encounter beneath the surface has won well-known US underwater photographer and expedition-leader Amos Nachoum the title of World Nature Photographer of


Photo-call for UN World Oceans Day

The ninth annual UN World Oceans Day photography competition is now open for entries, just over three months before the 8 June global event.  Divers

Ivana Orlovic

Q&A: Ivana Orlovic

Underwater model Ivana Orlovic has been featured in some of the most recognisable images of recent times, but on the other side of the lens

Best of Year

World Shootout photo winners surface

The winners of the Israel-based World Shootout 2021 underwater photo and video competition have been announced at a virtual awards ceremony.  First, second- and third-placed

Be The Champ! – The Spread

Seagrass meadows are regularly overlooked by underwater photographers for the steadier supply of subjects provided by coral reefs.

Be The Champ! – Seagrass Beds

Continuing his ‘fieldcraft’ mini-series, ALEX MUSTARD turns his attention to a habitat too easily overlooked by divers – seagrass beds.

World of Blur

Underwater photographer NICHOLAS MORE has become associated with motion-blur images, and has a number of awards to show that he has become a master of the technique. Here he shares some of his secrets…