Month: September 2019

New light on baskers’ ups and downs

Basking sharks move to different depths according to the season as well as the time of day, according to a new study of the animals in Scottish waters by UK researchers. 

Hurricane hits historic Bermuda wreck

The wreck of an American Civil War blockade-running paddle-steamer popular with scuba divers in Bermuda has sustained what is described as “significant damage” from a hurricane.

Fiancée’s appeal for paralysed Lusitania diver

A Canadian technical diver has been left paralysed after missing a decompression stop while surfacing from the 91m-deep wreck of the Lusitania – and his fiancée is stepping up efforts to raise the money to repatriate him. 

LCpl Partridge

Jury to attend military diver’s inquest

A jury will be called to hear how a British soldier came to die on a military diving course at the National Diving & Activity Centre, Gloucestershire’s Senior Coroner has confirmed.

Divers affected by Thomas Cook collapse

A “substantial number” of customers of dive-tour operator blue o two have been affected by the collapse of the Thomas Cook holiday group, and the company has been quick to explain how it plans to deal with the situation.

Wreck treasures include 525-year-old handgun

One of the earliest firearms ever found on a shipwreck, plus broken barrels believed to hold traces of 500-year-old Danish beer and an ornate tankard with a crown-like engraving, have all been found during a recent excavation of the 15th century Swedish warship Gribshunden.

Rare Lundy battleship wreck protected

The Lundy wreck of pre-WW1 battleship HMS Montagu, the only surviving example of a Duncan-class vessel in northern Europe, has been given protected status.

Conception pictured in 2000. (Picture: Ken Goudey)

Injured Conception steward files lawsuit

The crew-member who broke his leg while escaping from the Conception liveaboard fire that killed 34 people in California is suing the boat’s owner Glen Fritzler, his company Truth Aquatics and dive-charter company Worldwide Diving Adventures.