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Raja Ampat Creature Feature Batfish

Raja Ampat Creature Feature Batfish

Meridian Adventure Dive bring you the monthly Raja Ampat Creature Feature series: Batfish Raja Ampat is rightly known as the most biodiverse marine ecosystem globally.

On the inside looking out into the blue on one Wakatobi's great wall diving sites in Indonesia. Photo by Walt Stearns

Wakatobi’s Wall to Wall Paradise 

If you’re into wall diving, you’ll be in wall-to-wall paradise at Wakatobi. No matter how many times you’ve experienced it, that initial moment when you

Valet Diving Experience

Valet Diving Experience

Valet Diving Experience in Raja Ampat with Meridian Adventure Dive From the start of your first diving course, you are usually heavily involved with packing,

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat the Limestone Archipelago

Raja Ampat is a stunning limestone Archipelago When visiting Raja Ampat, one of the most awe-inspiring moments is when you first encounter the limestone cliffs

What Hood is Best for UK Diving?

Scuba diving hoods for diving April-October in the UK Corley O’Neill: Hi mark, looking at purchasing a new diving hood for UK diving (April-October). With

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